Daruma illustration/Portraits of Dogs, Cats and Pets

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We sell only portrait data for overseas customers.

We will create an original portrait from your pet's photo and send an illustration data via email.
You can print the data and decorate it as a poster or art work or create your own original goods.

★ How to order★
Please choose your data size, pose and background. Andthen order it. Detailed order method will be explained within 24 hours after the order has been confirmed. (Except weekends and holidays)

<Data size / Quality>
Please choose background colors of white or old paper.
・ 210m × 297mm A4 size JPG data (with background)
・ 297mm × 420mm A3 size JPG data (with background)
・Vertical 3500px PNG data (transparent without background)

・Face only

★ Caution for ordering ★
・It is a design price of one photograph.
・If you have several photos, please order as the price of one design × the number of photos.
・If you order several photos, please specify whether to draw in the same data or separate one.
・I don't accept the thing which is not reflected in the photos and the pose change.

※ Shipping for free!

※ We don't transfer copyright, copy right, sale right of data. It is limited to personal use.
Please contact us separately for commercial use.